S-FRUTTA goes back to school




The favorite receipts of the S-FRUTTA family:

Filled Melanzane alla Marlene

Cut melanzane into halfs along their long side
take out inside till halfs turn into bowls of 1cm
fry minced meat and onions in pan and add inside of melanzane
spice it with pepper and salt and origano
fill the melanzane halfs with filling, some butter and cheese on top
put some oil on pan and put into oven till ready

Filled Cherry Tomatoes

Cut cherry tomatoes into halfs
put olive oil on oven tray, place halfs, add caper topping, salt, pepper and lots of olive oil
keep in oven at 200/250 degree celcius for about 25-30min.
serve with spaghetti. Tastes deliciously!